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FUNTASTICS GYMNASTICS! is our gymnastics program for boys and girls who are in Kindergarten or younger. Students can begin taking classes when they begin walking. Students learn important fundamental skills for gymnastics as well as eye-hand, eye-foot and general kinesthetic awareness skills. All of these activities will not only help them develop physically, but will actually make a big difference in their brain development as well.


Separated by age and gender, these classes are designed to take students with little or no experience and give them a firm foundation in the sport of Gymnastics.  Students will stay in this class until they are ready for the High Flyers class.

High Flyers:
Separated by gender, these classes are for intermediate students.  The skills they work are a continuation of the skills learned in the Tumblers classes.

GymNinja Warrior:
This class combines the skill and fitness of gymnastics with the fun and excitement of the Ninja Warrior challenge courses as seen on TV.  This is a Coed Class divided by age group, Age 4-6 and 7+.
Did you know that children who take gymnastics do significantly better at academics? No big surprise, though. It is well known that cognitive development goes hand in hand with full-body coordination activities. Our focus in not just on teaching tricks, but on teaching the fundamental skills of goal-achievement. So, what is great fun and thrilling for the kids, is also teaching them important life skills.
Our Mission
It is our mission to provide youth with high quality training in a positive and family-friendly environment. The purpose of this training is to enable our students to be the very best they can be at their chosen discipline and in all aspects of their lives. Positive personal character development and sportsmanship are just as important to us as competitive success. We believe that the pursuit of excellence in sport, coupled with a positive character development, will develop self-discipline and promote positive self-esteem while preparing our students for excellence in all aspects of their lives and give them skills to positively impact the world.