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CHEERNASTICS - Class Schedule
Cheernastics is what we call our program for cheerleaders. Our Cheer program focuses on the development of tumbling skills as well as conditioning. The Hocking Valley Youth Sport Center takes a positive stand in the world of cheerleading and chooses to stress the very healthy characteristics of cheerleading. These characteristics include athletic skill development, teamwork, friendship and fun. We want our students to develop a sense of self-confidence that comes from these positive qualities, rather than encouraging then to dress or perform in ways that suggest their value comes from a look that is suggestive or inappropriate for their age. In keeping with our over-all mission, we would like to say our program is safe for the whole family.

Tumbling for Cheerleaders Level 1:
This is the beginner level tumbling class that will focus on forward roll, backward roll, back walkover, front walkover, cartwheel and roundoff, along with connecting these skills in a tumbling sequence and conditioning.

Tumbling for Cheerleaders Level 2:
Level 2 is for the intermediate to advanced tumbler. Skills focus for level 2 are standing back handspring, standing front handspring, standing back tuck, as well as connecting Level 1 and Level 2 skills in a tumbling sequence and conditioning. 

Hocking Valley Allstars is a ˝ year competitive cheer team for age 5 and up.  We will compete in 4-6 competitions throughout the season.  No experience is necessary and there is a team for everyone.
Our goal is to offer a positive and age appropriate environment for learning cheerleading related skills as well as respect, commitment, dedication, perseverance and teamwork.   We strive to encourage each athlete to reach their fullest potential.

There will be a placement assessment in the first few practices to determine teams.  The teams will be based on age as well as skill level of tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance.  Teams are determined solely by the coaching staff.

Mini teams are 5-8 yrs old
Youth teams are 11 and under
Junior teams are 14 and under
Senior teams are 11-18

To avoid the problem of eligibility changing during the competition season, August 31 serves as the date to determine age eligibility. This means that an athlete’s eligibility for each team is marked by how old they are as of August 31 prior to that competition season.

Tuition is $120 per month per athlete for all teams. This includes 1 tumbling class and all practices. You may choose to take an additional tumbling class at a discounted price.

Uniform fees are $325. This includes uniform top, skirt/pants(for boys), briefs, socks, bows, shoes, backpack, practice/parade uniform, and warm-up jacket. 75 percent of the uniform costs will need to be paid before the uniforms are ordered and will be due September 15.
Competition fees range between $35- $75 per athlete for EACH competition.  We will be competing between 4-6 competitions.  Depending on the final competition schedule the estimated cost is $200- $300. We will spread the fees into payments once the competition schedule is finalized.

Additional fees Team Music, Choreography, Camps and Clinic fees will be divided among team members once the teams are set.  Competition make-up will be your responsibility.  There may be specific products required.  USASF Member Fee is $30.

All team practices will be on Sunday (times to be determined). In order to function as a team all practices are mandatory.  There may be an occasional practice on Saturday if there is a competition that weekend. Practices will be 2-3 hours. Check the class schedule for available times for the 1 hour tumbling class and register with the office.
Our Mission
It is our mission to provide youth with high quality training in a positive and family-friendly environment. The purpose of this training is to enable our students to be the very best they can be at their chosen discipline and in all aspects of their lives. Positive personal character development and sportsmanship are just as important to us as competitive success. We believe that the pursuit of excellence in sport, coupled with a positive character development, will develop self-discipline and promote positive self-esteem while preparing our students for excellence in all aspects of their lives and give them skills to positively impact the world.