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Thank you for choosing the Hocking Valley Youth Sport Center. We look forward to serving the athletic and recreational needs of your children. This information below is designed to answer many questions that students and their parents have about taking classes at HVGC. If you would kike further explanation on anything, whether or not it is covered here, please do not hesitate to ask an office staff members or any of the coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Can my child "try out" a class before registering?
  New Students may try a class if families are not sure how  their child will do. A registration form needs to be filled
  out before the student participates.
• What does my child wear to gymnastics class?
  Your child should wear comfortable clothing with no belts, zippers, or buttons. Boys need to wear gym shorts and
  a T-shirt that tucks in. For Girls a Leotard is recommended. Remove all jewelry except for stud earrings. Hair
  needs to be in a ponytail if it can. Funtastics students wear socks into class.
• How do I enroll for classes?
  Stop by or Call the Office at 740-653-FLIP to register for classes. There is a registration form to fill out.
• What methods of payment are accepted?
  Check, cash, Visa, Master Card
• What is the make up policy for missed classes?
  Students may make up a missed class by calling 740-653-3547 or sending us an email request. Make up classes
  must be in your child's level or a level below. Make up classes are on a space available basis only. We cannot
  guarantee that you will be able to make up missed classes
• If my child is enrolled in a parent participation class, what do I wear?
  You need to wear comfortable clothes you can move around easily in. Students and parent wear socks into class.
• What is the student/teacher ratio?
  6:1 in Funtastics, 9:1 in Startastics and Cheernastics
• To whom do I address my concerns?
  Kim Fry, Office Manager, 740-653-3547
• Is gymnastics good for my child?
  Gymnastics is the foundation of human movement and provides the building blocks for development in other
  sports. Gymnastics teaches children to listen and follow directions, while fostering social interaction with peers
  in a positive environment. So whether your child aspires to be an Olympic gymnast, a professional football player
  or the next billionaire CEO, gymnastics is a great start.

Tuition and Enrollment
    Enrollment:: Need to Know
ENROLL: Online - quickest; (through our parent portal, “Enroll Now” link on website or our facebook page) In person and by phone - we’ll walk you through the procedures. There is a registration form that will need to be completed before your child’s first class. We are a year round school. You may enroll at any time.  To drop any class you will need to fill out the drop form to un-enroll 2 weeks prior to the end of the month. All enrollments continue through the end of any month. Tuition is prorated in weekly increments based on your enroll dates. Kids in Motion Dance classes continue through May. Dance classes will close to new enrollments mid October

MONTHLY TUITION: Tuition is paid monthly for all programming Monthly tuition reminders will be emailed and payment for next month is due by the 15th of the month prior. On the 20th of the month, any unpaid spots will be offered to the waiting list. We are offering direct debit from any major credit or debit card Payments will process on the 15th day of the (preceding) month. Declined payments (expired card, etc.) must be remedied on or before the 20th day of the month or you risk losing your class spot to a waiting student. We will notify you by email if your tuition is unable to process or is not received.
Fees due for mid month enrollment  will include the Registration, the partial month and the next full monthly fee.

Manual Payment Option
To opt out of direct debit, simply pay your tuition using any alternative method of payment at least 24 hours in advance of the 15th and your card on file will not be charged.

ENROLL NOW! (How To Enroll)
New Students/Families:
Go to our website and click on the “Enroll Now” button
Follow the instructions and fill out forms to create your account.

Current & Former Students/Families:
1. Go to the parent portal (link) (“Enroll Now” button)
2. Enter your email address and click on Forgot Password
3. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Reenter the email address and temporary password
4. From here you will be prompted to sign off on our waiver and permission documents
5. Ready, Set, Go: Click "Find A Class" and use the filters to find the appropriate class
Still need help? Call us 740-653-3547 or email

JOINING: Enroll anytime.

CHANGING class day, time, or program is permitted at any time during your enrollment as long as there is room in the desired class. Tuition increases could apply. No refunds or credits will be given when transferring an enrollment. Your tuition will simply be transferred to the new class or program.

UN-ENROLLING: To un-enroll from class, you must submit the drop form in writing, including the date of your last desired class (last class of the month)  Upon receiving your request, we will update your enrollment accordingly. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes.

MEDICAL REASONS: For medical conditions validated by a medical practitioner’s written statement, a prorated credit will be issued based upon the date the statement was received (requests after-the-fact eliminate HVGC’s opportunity to fill a vacated class spot).

Attendance, Cancellation and Vacations

      Once a child is enrolled in a specific class, it is expected that he or she will be at that class time every week . In the event that a class must be missed (either for personal reasons or due to a holiday or cancellations), make-up classes may be scheduled through the office.  Please check the class schedule for holiday cancellations and schedule a makeup if class fall on a holiday.

Missed a Class? Schedule a Makeu
· Actively enrolled students who miss a class due to illness, holiday, emergency or snow day may Makeup in any class of the same level that has openings.
· To schedule a Makeup, please call Hocking Valley Youth Sport Center 740-653-FLIP(3547)
·  Overuse of Makeups negatively affects classes. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for for illness, holidays, emergencies and snow days.

Our policy regarding inclement weather is to cancel day time classes when Lancaster City Schools cancel. If it clears up throughout the day, evening classes may still go on, check the gym Facebook page or call the gym for cancellations.

Dress Code
     Students should dress according to the standards of each program. No jewelry should be worn and     female gymnasts should where a leotard, and have their hair pulled back. Male gymnasts may wear gym shorts (no denim, zipper, or buckles) or sweat pants and a t-shirt that will stay tucked in. Cheerleaders may wear a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt that will stay tucked in. Socks are optional for school-age classes but are required in the Funtastics Program. In cooler weather, students may want to wear a sweat shirt over their regular gym clothing,  they may take it off once they warm up. Dancers may refer to their program handouts.

     Each child will progress at his or her own pace. The instructor will inform students and parents when it is time to move on to the next class or team program. This may occur at any time, whenever a student is ready.  If the students or parents have questions about advancement, it is perfectly OK to ask the instructor. That is what we are here for.